Geometry Global Invokes the Spirit of The X-Files for Saga City

By Kiran Aditham 

Fox Mulder would surely be intrigued by this short tale from Geometry Global that promotes tourism for Saga, a city located on the island of Kyushu, Japan — in a very unusual way.

The Mayor of Saga, Mr. Toshiyuki Hideshima, who stars in the films, says in a statement:

“I was initially surprised by the idea of this project and wondered how we might attract more people to the area through WARASUBO – which is not traditionally special to us. The final product is hugely entertaining, and I have no doubt that it will help to encourage people to visit and explore the beauty of Saga.”

Not sure if a monstrous, ravenous creature is key, but Geometry developed a nice clip that makes us nostalgic for The X-Files, Cloverfield, and the 2006 cult horror classic The Host. The twist? Warasubo, aka the “Alien of Ariake,” is actually a delicacy that people have been challenged to eat.

Not the most appetizing dish, but kudos for the cinematic scope of the promotion.

Advertising Agency:       Geometry Global Japan (GGJ)
Client:                             Saga City
Creative Directors:          Masato Mitsudera (GGJ)
Art Directors:                  Akihiko Ono (GGJ)
Producer:                       Masao Omokawa
Director:                         Kengo Arima
Camera:                        Yuta Shimotsu
Computer Graphics:      Yoshihisa Toyoda (GGJ)
Casting:                         Shoichiro Nakajima
Colorinst:                       Hiroshi Yasuoka
Offline Editor:                Shingo Sasaki
Mixer:                            Yu Sato
Production Manager:     Takeshi Shichijo
Production Assistant:     Yuka Funakoshi
Cast:     The mayor of the city, Mr. Hideshima and citizens of city of Saga