Geico Brings Out the G ‘n R Fan in Warren Buffett

By Kiran Aditham 

We had to see it to believe it but yes that is the Oracle of Omaha, the boss of Berskhire Hathaway and now-outed Axl Rose fan Warren Buffett impersonating the G n’ R frontman in this amusing clip for Geico (which BH owns).

According to reports, every year Geico produces a video at its annual meeting that features company employees and this 2 1/2-minute power ballad is just the latest addition. Considering how tiresome the Gecko has become, we’d take Buffett as the pitchman in a heartbeat. Hey, it worked for other bosses like Dave Thomas. Also, check out Vanity Fair’s site to see how Buffett’s performance in this clip ranks with ones from previous years.

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