Gaming Nostalgia Abounds in Sony’s ‘#4ThePlayers Since 1995’

By Erik Oster 

This UK-centric, nostalgic PlayStation spot. “#4ThePlayers Since 1995,” traces the evolution of Sony’s gaming platform through the years by paralleling it with the evolution of one gamer’s room as he graduates from one console to the next.

At the start of the spot, he has the first Playstation and his room reeks of the 90s — complete with skateboard, turntables and a Blur poster. To fully immerse us in the nostalgia of the respective Playstation eras, Sony made sure all the details — from the dates on ticket stubs to the posters and magazines featured — were tailored to the time period. Other brands helped out, with Domino’s even donating pizza boxes for each of the Playstation consoles featured.

The spot was inspired by fans’ tweets and messages in response to the hashtag #PlaystationMemories, which trended worldwide earlier this year. Sony incorporated a lot of the ideas fans expressed and attempted to make a video to “represent what PlayStation has meant to all of us since 1995.” If, like me, you’ve been with Playstation since the first console, you’ll find it impossible not to feel nostalgic over the course of the 3:22 clip. Actually, Sony did such a good job representing the eras that even if you’re not a fan of their consoles, all the little details may have you feeling a touch sentimental anyway.

As someone who still has a ton of PS3 titles to play through (and can’t afford a PS4 any time soon anyway), it’s a little hard to get excited about the next-gen launch, but the games featured in this spot do a great job reminding me of all the good times I’ve had with Sony’s Playstation consoles over the years. It’s a great little look back at Playstation’s history as Sony looks toward the platform’s future. Well done, Sony. Well done. Anyone up for someĀ Tekken?