Gale Signs Clean Creatives Pledge in a Commitment to Sustainability

By Kyle O'Brien 

Gale CEO Brad Simms announced at The Next Level Climate Summit at Cannes Lions 2023 today that the agency will sign the Clean Creatives pledge, making Gale the largest agency to commit to refusing work with fossil fuel companies.

With its global workforce of over 750, with people in New York, Toronto, Bengaluru and more, Gale’s pledge guarantees that the agency will decline any future contracts with fossil fuel companies, trade associations or front groups.

“Gale signing the Clean Creatives pledge is a commitment to the most important thing we have: our planet. Refusing to work with fossil fuel companies is the least we can do to support our future. This pledge represents our commitment to sustainability and progress in climate change and we hope it inspires other agencies to do the same,” said Simms in a statement.


Advertising and PR industry campaign group Clean Creatives is movement calling for an industry-wide refusal to work with fossil fuel corporations. The campaign aims to increase awareness of the harmfulness of greenwashing strategies deployed by fossil fuel companies and the agencies working with them while uniting industry professionals. There are over 600 agencies, creatives and freelancers globally that have committed to the Clean Creatives pledge so far.

“Gale’s commitment to not work with fossil fuel companies shows that creative leadership and climate leadership go hand-in-hand,” said Clean Creatives executive director, Duncan Meisel in a statement. “Great agencies are grounded in great talent, and pledging to not work with major polluters is a crucial part of providing an environment where young creatives can thrive. We are grateful to Gale’s leadership on this urgent issue, and I hope that others follow their lead.”

The Gale pledge announcement took place during the ‘The Power of Coming Clean: Agency CEOs on the Clean Creatives Pledge at the Next Level Climate Summit’ event hosted by Meisel. The event was part of a day-long program of activity at the Next Level Climate Summit produced in partnership between Clean Creatives, Creatives for Climate, the Embassy of Dutch Creativity, Purpose Disruptors, and Scope3 to focus on the strategies and teams that will make the creative industry a leader in transforming the culture of the climate conversation.