Frustrated Job Seeker Pens Quick Note to Ad Industry

By Kiran Aditham 

Our anonymous tips box seems to have multiple uses these days, whether serving as a depot for actual viable tips that we investigate, or for rants telling us how much we suck, or even for AgencySpy searches (try the actual search box at the top, folks). But every once in a while, the Spy line becomes an outlet for people to tell epic/sordid tales or vent their frustrations. In the case of one of our latest tips, it’s clearly the latter. Read below:

“Dear Ad Industry: A slow economy does not entitle you to treat job candidates like crud on the bottom of your shoe, especially when you’re the ones putting out the want ads and/or contacting us. None of us expect red carpet treatment. But it makes your agency look really, really bad when your HR / recruiting staff doesn’t even show rudimentary professional courtesy. Especially in cases when we are highly qualified for the job in question, and have jumped through multiple hoops at your request. Things shake around really fast in this business, and the creative you’re treating like garbage today might be a highly desirable candidate in a couple of years. Don’t you want to have a positive relationship developed? That’s not a hard concept to get. Yet still, you all treat people this abysmally bad, and you wonder why nobody decent wants to work in advertising anymore.”

The IP address doesn’t tell us much, and we obviously have no idea who this missive is aimed at. So, your guess is as good as ours. But we have a feeling that these sentiments towards agency recruiters aren’t particularly unique.

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