Friday Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-BarrettSF’s first work for banking challenger brand Chime hit nationally at the beginning of the week. The animated spot isn’t quite the masterpiece we saw from the agency for Bleacher Report in 2015. But let’s be honest, much like pharma, banking isn’t an easy category to work in, so kudos to the agency for trying something a little different.

WPP released its U.S. EEOC data from 2018 (the last year such data was collected), and CEO Mark Read acknowledged the numbers show the holding company has “a huge amount of work to do.” WPP reported that just 6.2% of all employees, 6.4% of professionals and 2.2% of executives identified as Black or African American.

-This is one hell of a Nike ad.


Oprah beautifully honors Breonna Taylor.

Baby Yoda Echo!!!

Stevie Nicks will save us all.

Twitter bans David Duke. Wait. It look this long?