Friday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Dr. Squatch isn’t known as a subtle soap brand, and its new campaign feeds off popular culture with a mash-up of trends. To advertise its Mega Bricc Soap, it’s getting soapy with “Big Bricc Energy,” playing up its “thiccest bricc ever.” To help promote clean hygiene, the brand enlisted hypnotist Richard Barker to create a series of shower hypno-sessions. These aren’t your grandmother’s hypnotic inductions; they’re designed to turn you into a bona fide Big Bricc Energy connoisseur. Barker’s hypnotic shower meditations are designed to leave you dripping with Big Bricc Energy from head to toe.

-Why would anyone call their ad agency Murder Hornet? asks Noel Cottrell, founder and chief creative officer of Murder Hornet.


-In the latest Off the Clock, D’Eric Watson, corporate communications manager at Gale, talks about being a marketer, bartender and DJ, though he was once a shy kid with stage fright.

-How can Black entrepreneurs get a seat at the table? By creating their own table—and with some help from fellow Black innovators in the spirits industry via Pronghorn.

-YouTube is getting more muscular with ad-blocking software, showing warning messages about breaking its terms of service to people using blockers.

-Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), has transcended its origins to become a holiday of creativity, writes Jessica Apellaniz, executive creative director of Wieden+Kennedy Mexico.

-The Ad Council, in partnership with the CDC and National Council for Mental Wellbeing and Shatterproof, is inspiring millions to “Start With Hope” in a national PSA campaign. This effort aims to deliver a message of hope to those living with substance use disorders as well as those at risk of developing them, with a focus on supporting Black and Hispanic/Latinx populations, connecting them with harm reduction strategies and treatment resources to start their journeys to wellbeing and recovery. The new campaign was developed pro bono by Accenture Song.