Friday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Instant ramen noodle producer Maruchan has unveiled a love song dedicated to its loyal community of fans, with a brand campaign and commercial debut. The spot brings the love of Maruchan to life through vibrant scenes featuring colorful product shots, set to a catchy beat with lyrics pulled directly from fans’ tweets, comments and posts. The new Maruchan Anthem campaign was created by Amp Agency in partnership with award-winning director Ben Hansford and The-Ghost.

Maruchan will also bring its Anthem to life through ramen pop-up events at festivals this October.


-Two new commercials from agency Joe Berkeley for client Arbella show people selflessly helping others. The first, “Friend in Need” has a lobsterman and his son rescuing a dog who has swum too far from shore before the crew reunites the dog with his human companion.

The commercial was made in Hull, Mass., and the spot features captain Chad Mahoney and his son, sternman James Mahoney, aboard the Fishing Vessel First Light. The camera boat, the Fishing Vessel Windemere, was helmed by captain Peter Mahoney, Chad’s father.

The second spot features motorcycle riders helping a mom with a flat tire. As one member of the motorcycle group changes the tire, the other two introduce mom’s kids to the joys of motorcycling. Soon enough Mom, the kids, and the bikers are back on the road.

The team cast real motorcyclists who rode their own bikes and wore some of their own clothing. It was set on a rural road in Sherborn, Mass.