Friday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Convenience store chain Cumberland Farms is harnessing the power of good old fashioned New England sarcasm in its latest project by advertising agency Colossus. The campaign promotes the store’s Farmhouse Blend coffee. In one ad, Cumberland Farms tells customers not to forget their delicious cup of Cumby’s coffee, while also showcasing the danger of forgetting to pay your taxes for 12 years. A second ad celebrates the ability to make your coffee exactly how you like and celebrate it with a back tattoo. It is supported by OOH pieces that continue to amplify the wry tone.

-Rounding out a week of lists, Adweek has unveiled its Global Agency of the Year finalists list.


-Loki season two finds Loki assembling his own Avengers-like team of brand partners and TV advertisers, complete with custom creative, activations and ’80s nostalgia.

-X (Twitter) is again relaxing its rules for cannabis ads.

-Make sure to read this article about creatives quitting agencies that continue to work with fossil fuel clients.

-19 Crimes wines has come up with some spooky labels, partnering with Universal Monsters to release two limited-edition wines.

-Everyone’s phones blew up with a national alert a couple of days ago. Stress relieving app Calm used the moment to tell every startled person to just breathe. The mental health brand sent out a helpful push notification immediately following the emergency alert that set off phones across the country. And it resonated. It quickly gained traction on social, regarded as “10/10 marketing” by consumers.