Friday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Solar brand Denim is “proud to be boring.” A campaign of the same name embraces the dullness of its product. In two spots by Amsterdam’s This Agency shows people relaxing and enjoying life, not thinking about the Denim solar panels because they just don’t care about the technical aspects of the panels, they just care that they can don’t have to think about them after they’re installed. The subjects include a lounging Peter, who sips a cocktail on his chaise lounge through a ridiculously long curly straw, and Aisha, who lays back on her robot vacuum and rolls through her home, not thinking a bit about her solar panels. Each spot ends with the line, “Good solar panels are boring.”

-Kickstarter CEO Everette Taylor will give the keynote address at the 13th edition of The One Club for Creativity’s hybrid Where Are All The Black People (WAATBP) diversity conference and career fair, taking place October 26-27 at Convene at Brookfield Place in New York.


-Adweek took a look at Unilever’s reorganization, which includes media mix modeling and cross-disciplinary marketing hubs.

-With agency partner WPP Open X, Coca-Cola used AI technology to create QR codes that incorporate musical and visual elements.

-Ahead of The CW’s kickoff for its first season of ACC college football, the network landed major sponsors such as Verizon, Subaru and Walmart.

-On a mission to reduce the danger of feeding chicken bones to their dogs, KFC Thailand asked dog owners to think twice and grab a branded Bone-Thai instead. Since KFC chicken bones are a delicious treat, it’s not surprising that most dogs jump at the chance they get to sink their teeth into a drumstick. However, chicken bones can cause internal damage, puncturing a canine’s organs. This International Dog Day, KFC Thailand showed its genuine love for dogs launching the ‘KFC Bone Tie’ shaped like the Colonel’s tie. In collaboration with pet brand Momo and Friends and Wunderman Thompson Thailand, they made a safe bone out of ground chicken bones, along with a cute ad promoting the product.