Friday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Johannes Leonardo, in collaboration with Adidas Basketball and the Atlanta Hawks NBA player Trae Young, have produced “Trae” by Tim Young. The film delves into the heart of Trae Young’s journey, capturing the essence of his persona and shedding light on what matters when the lights are bright and the noise is loud. The film focuses on candid moments of joy, both on and off the court. The campaign’s visual direction revolves around showcasing the genuine side of Trae, allowing viewers to witness the seldom-seen moments through the eyes of his younger brother, Tim.

-Global airline Lufthansa Group has awarded its North America creative business to Washington, D.C.-based indie agency This January.


-Harnessing softball’s big-league marketing power requires brand investment from the Little League on up.

-As part of its push to reach video game fans, milk processor education program MilkPep created Zany Ziplines, a mini-game available in Fortnite.

-Regal Cinemas is encouraging people to go to the theater rather than wait for the movies to come to streaming services with a set of humorous spots.

-The latest Everything is Better With Creators podcast speaks with Ken Harrell, co-founder and senior managing director of merchant bank Pharus.

-How do you get people talking about a mid-sized town with an Irish name in the middle of Ohio? You don’t take yourself too seriously. That’s the approach Lexington-based agency Cornett took in their recent campaign for the city’s tourism bureau, Visit Dublin.