Friday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-KitchenAid brand pushes the boundaries of reality with its latest campaign created by their agency partner Zulu Alpha Kilo. Jumping on the latest social media trend taking everyone by storm, KitchenAid joins forces with cake artist April Julian from the Netflix show “Is It Cake?” to reimagine their appliances in cake form. Together, they have created hyper-realistic replicas of KitchenAid appliances, including the iconic stand mixer, leaving audiences questioning whether they are looking at an actual appliance or a delicious confectionery masterpiece.

-Many people will start heading to Cannes today, and a large portion of those up for awards might be heading there with “Cannesxiety.” Find out what that is here.


-The borders of filmmaking have expanded, but the directors on Adweek’s 2023 Creative 100 share a devotion to storytelling and craft.

-LinkedIn’s Peter Weinberg and Jon Lombardo write that the set formula for b-to-b creative doesn’t work.

-Nearly a decade ago, Iris’ Ian Sohn began transitioning into leadership roles, a career shift that also ushered in increased stress and anxiety. So, he started running as a way to unwind.

-Here are 10 free ways that companies can support working parents, according to Amanda Goetz, a 2x founder, brand builder and content creator.

-Black Magic Tire Wet was facing an interesting problem. Consumers who used the product were impressed with the beautiful shine it gave their tires. And they recalled the product name “Tire Wet.” But they didn’t remember the brand name—Black Magic. So, Cramer-Krasselt came up with a humorous solution: remind car enthusiasts what Black Magic is by showing them exactly what it’s not.