Friday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Pickleball is taking over as America’s leisure sport, and it’s sending warning shots over the bow to other sports. New pickleball restaurant Crush Yard, opening this spring in Mount Pleasant, S.C., takes on favored pastimes and breaks up with them in “Dear John” ads throughout the Super Bowl. The brightly colored, text-driven ads from Slugger Creative will run in the Charleston market. In “Dear Bowling,” the text states that “there’s someone else.” It gives similar sign-offs to tennis, golf and softball.

-The certainty at Adweek’s Outlook 2023 event was the uncertainty surrounding the coming year and a call to stay the course.


-The latest campaign from McDonald’s in Eastern Europe focuses on relaying the brand’s appeal to less likely audiences—those who are “too cool” for the restaurant.

Adam Turner, founder and CEO of Postscript, writes about how SMS marketers need to play by the texting dos and don’ts of the real world.

-Winter landscapes and Finnish design are the inspiration behind an unusual design project from electric car brand Polestar.

-Curious about who is in and who’s out for the Big Game? Check out Adweek’s up-to-date Super Bowl Tracker.

-Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider acknowledges hearing loss in a hilariously loud ad for Sennheiser.

-Avon and new CMO, Kristof Neirynck, want to breathe fresh life into the business with an advertising and branding refresh.

-The Home Depot’s Canada arm was found sharing people’s in-store purchase e-receipts with Meta without the knowledge or consent of those consumers.

-Chicago agency 1o8, and Beanie client Ty are leaning into awards season with a new limited-edition, collectible sticker initiative featuring Squishy Beanie ‘Catnip’ the mouse, sporting chic sunglasses in a “pawparazzi”-worthy celebrity turn. The vinyl sticker is available with purchase on

Catnip prepares for awards season and the ‘pawparazzi.’