Friday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Creative agency Cactus has launched a new campaign for longtime client partner CommunityAmerica Credit Union with Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The spot highlights the work that goes into every unbelievable moment, whether it’s winning games with the Kansas City Chiefs, studying for exams, buying a new house, or expanding a Kansas City business.

-Mattress Firm, which has been waging an ongoing battle against “junk sleep,” has a new campaign with a dual purpose of giving away customized dog beds and finding forever homes for a handful of shelter pups in New York.

-Instacart’s latest campaign involves a fantastical ad starring Grammy-winning artist and entrepreneur Lizzo soaking in a bathtub, while ordering an assortment of items on her phone.

-British luxury car maker Bentley and Scotch brand The Macallan teamed up last year on a sustainability initiative and have taken it to the next level with a “Macallan Horizon.”

-Check out the latest US Open activations.

-The 2022 Brand Genius honorees have been announced.

Michael Bryson of Modern Post picked his 10 favorite album covers for Muse by Clio, and they include Miles Davis, Daniel Johnston and Wu-Tang Clan.