Friday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Subaru is turning up the heat for the launch of its new BRZ model. The “Ignite Your Senses” campaign by Zulu Alpha Kilo starts with a pizza customer becoming enraptured by an all-new Subaru BRZ parked outside the restaurant. Seeing the guy’s interest, the chef gives him a unique bottle of hot sauce featuring BRZ branding. After tasting the bottled-up feeling of the sportscar, the customer’s heightened senses launch him into a fiery BRZ driving fantasy. The campaign extends IRL with a batch of BRZ Hot Sauce bottles that have been sent to select dealers along with giveaways on social media so consumers can take a “taste drive,” via a code found on BRZ Hot Sauce bottles that leads consumers to a Snap AR gaming lens.

-Liquid Death is sponsoring a “hydration assistant” with a six-figure endorsement deal from the brand as it plants a flag in mainstream professional sports.


-As part of the effort to promote the new A League of Their Own series on Amazon Prime Video, a two-minute spot titled “A Girl’s Letter to the Future” features athletes from all backgrounds, coming together to send a message that celebrates the women who came before them.

-McDonald’s has released a campaign across Romania to show how it is improving its menu offer to improve their own eating habits.

-Despite the end of the FIFA deal, EA Sports will stay in the soccer game.

-Leading with the need for versatility in underwear, men’s next-to-skin underwear and base-layer brand Bn3th has launched its debut brand campaign.

-If you don’t know Hebru Brantley, he’s a Chicago-born comic-book style artist who has recently teamed with Adidas to release a special trainer range.