Friday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Watching fish fry up in a pan shouldn’t be as satisfying as it is in a new campaign for Australis Aquaculture, but it is. 60 seconds of watching a fish called Barramundi cook is at the center of a series of ads by agency Bray & Co, which is the agency of record for Australis Aquaculture, the company behind The Better Fish brand, providing approximately 90% of all Barramundi in the United States. There is no voice over and no soundtrack apart from the sound of sizzling, with the name of the brand only being revealed at the end.

-Marketing teams for Just Egg are prepped to hand out 100,000 mini breakfast sandwiches this weekend at the Bonnaroo music festival near Nashville.


-Marketing leaders at McDonald’s, Chipotle and Bombas tell Adweek they were conscious of the contrasting mix of joy and trepidation when planning their Pride campaigns.

-In honor of World Blood Donor Day, the LGBTQ+ and women-owned Seattle-based independent creative agency GreenRubino kicked off its advertising campaign in support of ending the outdated regulation that prevents many LGBTQ+ people from donating blood.

-Since first inviting marketers onto its platform, TikTok has stated: “Don’t make ads. Make TikToks.” But brands are just starting to figure out what that looks like.

-Gen Alpha will begin to enter the workforce in the next few years, and Kris Tait from Croud writes about how to attract the youngest generation to the agency world.

-Eos has made a summer “Shaving Skincare for Anyone & Anywhere” campaign to spotlight the many places on their body people shave.

-Agency Max Connect Marketing and its automotive business 4 Horsemen again entered their car into the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race and this year they topped the podium in their class.