Friday Odds And Ends

By SuperSpy 

– The T-Mobile crowd action dance routine that took place Liverpool a few days ago is above. Sometimes it’s better to have fun than just send out your static message, no? Oi. I want to dance.

– The Bush Boom: How a Misunderestimated President Fixed a Broken Economy. Hahahaha! (link)

– The creator of Mad Men, Matthew Weiner, wants a $6M pay raise or he’s out. (link)

– Hey all you ad kids in Portland Oregon? Just got back from there. I’m not a huge shopper, but I fell in love with Lille. I highly suggest taking a spin by. (link)

– Mehri & Skalet PLLC, has dedicated a section of their company’s website to the Madison Avenue Project and its impending lawsuit. (link)

– The NFL turns down an ad from Ashley Madison – a dating service for individuals to cheat on their husband or wife. (link)

– A guide to how to behave as a consumer with this whole Circuit City bankruptcy thing. (link)

– Police have taken away the baby named Adolf Hitler from his parents.(link)

– Japanese anime TV series “Cowboy Bebop” comes to the big screen, with Keanu Reeves attached to star as the bounty hunter traveling through space in 2071. (link)

– Say bye-bye to watching It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia on Hulu. (link)

-Study: violence in games not that compelling for most gamers. (link)

-Download The Planet Of The Apes font for free. (link)

– Is this, in fact, the age of mass intelligence? (link)

Jack Womack’s excellent book, Random Acts Of Senseless Violence (link)

– NamelessleTTer is a new project in which people from all horizons leave personalized notes or bookmarks in random books with the goal of seeing other readers discover them. (link)

– Photoset: How World Of Warcraft changed on boy’s life. (link)