Friday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Momentum NY looks into the “Next Contenders” as part of its AmEx/U.S. Open campaign. link

-Tribal DDB celebrates “A Decade of Innovation.” link

-Dutch creative team Hugo van Woerden and Philip Brink joined W+K Amsterdam. link

-Miller tries cleaning up its image. link

-Nokia delves into analytics. link

-Hulu wins its patent infringement case. link

-Foursquare interest booms after launch of Facebook Places. link

-Meanwhile, morbid ad folks from ATTIK, etc. mock Foursquare. link

-LatinWorks promoted Norberto Zylberberg, Lonnie Limon and Charlie Neugebauer to VP, group directors. Meanwhile, Keisha Andrews was promoted to VP, media strategy.

-The YMCA appeals to hoopsters via billboard. link

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