Friday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-BNet wants to help the “Stomp Mel Gibson” ad creator get a job in the industry. link

-Ad agencies are in support of Comcast/NBCU alliance. link

-The U.S. Open ads start rolling out. Busted Racquet critiques. link

-A Scottish microbrewery uses dead animal carcasses to market the “most alcoholic beer known to man.” Lovely. link

-Samsung has a dilemma, which is how to attack its own customer (Apple). link

-Naked Cowboy talks to Naked Cowgirl about his latest ridiculous lawsuit. link

-Mullen officially sponsored a soccer match at Fenway Park. link; link

-Business Insider: Why do reporters from ad-supported sports give away their scoops on Twitter? link

-Facebook deletes Sarah Palin post then apologizes. link

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