Friday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Apple asks the FCC to keep iPhone 4 secrets. link

-NYC shop Vigilante makes a literally and figuratively brainless ad for Above the Influence. link

-BP’s whiny CEO gets demoted. link

-RAPP won the digital business for Coty, Inc. link

-Puma and Danish bike company Biomega launched Puma Bikes. link

-BBH London launched a Lynx/Axe fantasy game on Facebook. link

-Last night’s Lakers victory in the NBA Finals (boo) set an all-time Twitter record with 3,085 tweets per second. link

-It twas a Tweet that perhaps sunk a $6 million deal between Rainbow Media and Gothamist. link

-The LGBT community’s largest business group is none too pleased about McDonald’s decision not to air its gay-friendly ad in the U.S. link

-The IAB goes to Washington. link

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