Friday Odds and Ends

By Patrick Coffee 

-We’ve never heard of giffgaff, but we’re into this campaign by Rattling Stick because we love some British accents and Siouxsie Sioux.

Gene Chong Soon Hui of O2 Advertising in Singapore was sentenced to 11 years in prison for stealing an estimated $3.2 million. He’s the Malaysian Bill Grizack!

-Will the Erin Johnson settlement really lead to change? Agency insiders weigh in.

-Hub Strategy got fired by longtime client The Oakland A’s and responded by making a highlight reel.

Irwin Gotlieb may be retiring, but he’s not done. Nope.

-Meanwhile, the Ad Contrarian has had about enough of ageism in advertising.

-Facebook is tightening regulations on the makers of political ads. Doesn’t apply to us, whew!

-We are definitely not surprised to learn that Reddit ran an ad for a white supremacist dating site—or that some art director on Fishbowl argues “everybody does it.”

-Minneapolis agency Friends & Neighbors is expanding.