Friday Odds and Ends

By Patrick Coffee 

-In case you’re not already sick of GoT promos, Olson Engage created a 7-foot throne of cones for client Blue Bunny, to be displayed in Manhattan’s Big Screen Plaza today.

-Indianapolis agency Bradley and Montgomery (BaM) hired Berstein-Rein and Barkley veteran Jules Boasberg as its chief marketing and growth officer.

-Global CEO Shane Atchison and U.S. president Jason Burby announced that they will be leaving WPP’s Possible for an unnamed tech startup.


-On that note, are you sure you want to trade advertising for tech? Today saw yet another sexual assault lawsuit, this one filed against BetterWorks and its CEO.

Paul Venables of VB&P is hiring, and he wants job seekers to tweet at him with “one good thing you’ve done.

-London agency Don’t Panic created some self-promotional “Team EPO” jerseys ahead of the Tour de France, because EPO is a banned drug, get it?

-FCB promoted Jane Lim to CEO of its Singapore office as part of an effort to relaunch that operation.

-Here’s a fun project addressing gender inequality in Latin America by way of a pink staircase and a blue escalator created by art director Kazunori Shiina and copywriter Chandani Karnik.