Friday Odds and Ends

By Patrick Coffee 

-Anomaly U.K. and Virgin Trains are really into Spandau Ballet and “speedcore,” which is somehow different than grindcore.

-GS&P made a new ad thanking everyone who played a role in the Golden State Warriors’s championship season—including Steph Curry’s mouth guard.

-Cannes entries are down this year, booooooooo. #FakeAds

-Barton F. Graf scored creative AOR for Kettle Chips without a review. The agency already works on parent company Snyder’s-Lance brands like Pop Chips, Emerald Nuts and Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzels.

-Saville Productions of Venice signed John Waters (yes, that one) as its newest commercial director.

-“Cognitive ads” sound super awesome, don’t they? Maybe the McCann Tokyo AI creative director thing wasn’t just a dumb stunt after all.

-Integrated N.C. branding agency Clean won AOR duties for Durham Distillery, maker of gins, specialty liquors and a new cucumber vodka that is obviously too expensive for Duke undergrads.

-Prod co A Common Thread signed director Sheldon Candis, who has helmed ads for Ford, Honda and Under Armour.