Friday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-BBH New York won the $270M Cadillac account. link

-The entry deadline for the ANDYs is extended to January 20th. link

-John Travolta gives us something even more nightmarish than Old Dogs. link

-Ben Silverman and IAC’s Electus studio lined up Yahoo as its first distributor. link

-Scottrade wants you to avoid those shady financial types. link

-Ford makes your dreams of a Tweeting car come true. link

-App stores are making their way to the telly. link

-British pols push for ‘draconian clampdown’ on booze marketing. link

-Google Maps fail. link

-Old Spice unveils its NFL Swagger Rankings. link

-Now there’s a blog dedicated to covering ‘Got Milk?’ parodies. link

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