Friday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Google’s Q3 profits up 27%; internet advertising “picked up steam.” link

-DJ Hero is almost here! link

-JWT London welcomed W+K alum Nicholla Longley as creative director on the Special K account. link

-UK mobile giant Orange is broadening its horizons with nifty camping gear. link

-French Vogue’s blackface photo shoot can be considered offensive. link

-Ford and the NFL remain undaunted in their quest to reach the Latin market. link

-The New York Times exposes ABC’s cougar contradiction. link

-Are ad shows wussing out when it comes to scam ads? link

-Goldman Sachs is going on the offensive with a PR and lobbying campaign. link

-Was Betty Draper’s cleavage given a lift by GQ? link

-Presenting the Viral Factory’s top 10 virals of the month. link

-Twitter apparently scares the hell out of Hollywood. link

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