Friday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Fallon launched its latest Travelers spot called “Drifters”. link

-Sean Cummins quit SapientNitro, the ad agency he founded as Cummins&Partners in 1997. link

-YouTube now receives 1 billion hits per day according to CEO Chad Hurley. link

-Wunderman New York’s CCO Nick Moore thinks pharma ads suck. link

-PepsiCo says it will “refresh” branding and ad efforts for Gatorade in 2010. link

-54% of companies ban Facebook, Twitter at work. link

-7-11 wants you to wake up with a “hot Brazilian”…cup o’ joe. link

-Giorgio Armani launches a Samsung smartphone with Microsoft software in tow. link

-Barnes & Noble somehow thinks it’s ready to compete with Kindle. link

-Before you stock up on surgical masks and head into your bunker, you might want to try Emory University’s online H1N1 self-assessment test first. link

-Craigslist plays no games when it comes to spammers. link

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