Friday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Cossette Montreal has released a case study of its “Free Pussy” campaign for Amnesty International and Russian feminist punk group, Pussy Riot (above).

-Bi-coastal entertainment branding agency Loyalkaspar has welcomed Robert Blatchford as chief development officer in L.A. and Anna Minkkinen as creative director in NYC.

-JWT Brazil is back with some more kooky, but clever work, this team reaching out to those hard-working students who could use a little break via a Kit Kat Pillow (above). link

-Yogawear brand Lulemon has received over 160 applications for its fake CEO job posting. link

-Following a flood of angry tweets, Kmart insists that it has nothing to with the racist “Kmart Knickers” ad, which some people haven’t realized is actually a parody. link; link

-Kraft restructures…again. link