Friday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Google and Facebook have apparently laid down their swords for a moment as an Android Facebook app is in the works. link

-JWT, London hired Paul Banham as digital creative director. link

-Papa Rupert can slightly temper his perennial grimace now that Fox made its prime-time revenue goal at the advertising upfronts. link

-“Forever” it ain’t. Wrigley’s has terminated Chris Brown’s commercial deal after the singer plead guilty to assaulting Rihanna. link

-Target is severing ties with Amazon to run its own e-commerce platform. At least the latter has Zappos’s $850 million shoulders to cry on. link

-After scarring kids for life at Mickey D’s this week, PETA has moved onto the plight of whales in Florida with a new billboard ad equipped with the tagline, “Save the Whales. Lose the Blubber: Go Vegetarian.” link

-Now you see baby bump, now you don’t. Gisele Bundchen might be the new face of London Fog but her pregnant belly is nowhere to found in the ads. link

-Colgate-Palmolive serves up a lawsuit to Johnson & Johnson for violating its “Total” toothpaste brand name to promote J&J’s Listerine Total Care line. link

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