Friday Morning Stir

By Doug Zanger Comment

-We’ve heard that a few things are happening related to Ukraine lately. In not scandalous “do us a favor” news, BBDO Ukraine in Kyiv sent us an ad for a vitamin brand in the country. It wasn’t classified, nor do we need to put it on the “special computer” at AgencySpy Village.

-Promotional idea!! Anyone who buys a CBD product at 4:20 using Square wins a prize!

-Several sources have said the food at the ANA Masters of Marketing conference in Orlando is pretty good. Though the Cuban-themed lunch yesterday was puzzling.

-The mothership caught up with Mike Sheldon as he prepares to vacate his CEO of North America gig.

Tanya Brookfield, CEO at Elvis, wonders why there are so many mediocre ads out there.

MTV isn’t even trying.

-Admit it, you’re excited to put an Alexa-branded toaster next to your Samsung Smart Refrigerator.

-Gen X loved the Popeyes chicken sandwich.