Friday Morning Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-It’s safe to say that some of the first Super Bowl ads didn’t age well. At all.

-TBWA\Chiat\Day New York has launched a design practice called (of course) Design by Disruption.

-The Fiji water woman, Kelleth Cuthbertis suing … Fiji.

-You don’t mess with Apple, as Facebook found out.

-However, Apple won’t have that FaceTime bug fixed until next week. Booooo!

Behind the scenes of Expensify’s Super Bowl ad with 2Chainz and Adam Scott.

Terry Kroeger, former publisher of the Omaha World Herald, has purchased hometown agency SKAR Advertising.

-Irish hellraisers Paddy Power, er, raised some hell with a set of provocative ads over Britain leaving the E.U.

-Nothing is original anymore. 8 famous logos that pretty much look similar.

-Persicope made some face sweaters for the polar vortex. So there’s that.

While we have you, peep Adweek’s Super Bowl Tracker. It’s chock full ‘o some of the ads you’ll see on Sunday as the Rams beat the Patriots.