Friday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-Terri & Sandy’s latest for Sunny D made us feel so very, very old.

-Oh hey, happy Friday. Will Alex Bogusky be MDC Partners’ savior? Q2 earnings weren’t so great.

-More About Advertising, for the record, is optimistic.

-You already heard the other big news: a judge in L.A. approved Ralph Watson’s request to subpoena Facebook and Google to reveal the identities of the people behind Diet Madison Avenue.

R2C Group won media duties for Aaptiv, a “leading provider of premium digital fitness content.”

-You’re not the only one who hates influencer marketing.

-A media buyer admits they don’t spend much on Hulu or YouTube, which must be why we see the same three shitty DirecTV ads over and over and over (sorry, BBDO).

-Amusement Park named Melissa Norton as its new media director.