Friday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Team One and Lexus will help you find your way out of the horrible maze that is the car-buying process.

-Programmatic ad buying is the reason the internet sucks so very, very much.

-Grey London joint CCO Caroline Pay explains why she’s leaving the agency to join Headspace as CCO.

-Adweek looks back at memorable apologetic ads.

-Barclaycard launched a creative review.

-Juniper Park\TBWA CEO Jill Nykoliation says senior leaders need to do more to help young talent.

-We are shocked to learn that Terry Savage thinks everyone should continue attending Cannes every year.

-And Tham Khai Meng argues AI will not displace human creatives.

-In another big surprise, marketers are holding their agencies responsible for GDPR compliance.