Friday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Grey London launched a “Sweeter Together” campaign for McVitie’s with this animated “The Crane Driver” broadcast spot (video above). 

Gary Vaynerchuck tells CMO Today that he has “way more bravado and belief in what I’m up to” since the launch of his K-Swiss collaboration. Is that even possible? #crushingit #hustle

-An Innocean employee claims U.S. leadership enjoyed happy hour like nothing was wrong after news of the Eric Springer sexual harassment lawsuit broke yesterday. The agency also shared its International Women’s Day post on Instagram around the same time.

-You’ll never guess what’s “out” at SXSW this year, according to Digiday: ad agencies!

-Soooo, was BrewDog’s Pink IPA really such a disaster, given how many people were talking about it this week?

-Now agency CCO Remco Graham asks, “Who needs awards?” (And yes, he has won some, because we know your minds were going there.)

-Those of us who grew up as Toys R Us kids shed a tiny tear on news that the company is seeking to liquidate and close all of its U.S. stores.