Friday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-Carl’s Jr’s sexy ads may have stopped working, but surely this Paris Hilton-starring spot that Allenby Concept House made for SodaStream will do the trick. (We don’t know because we didn’t actually watch any of it.)

-On that note, Americans now trust ads more than the corrupt MainStream Media, and Mashable wonders who can blame them. We agree: the only things less trustworthy than tech blogs are ad agency gossip blogs.

-Oh, also: Coca-Cola says 30% of its own ads don’t really work.

-Happy pre-April Fools’ Day. Here are a bunch of brands desperate for your attention.

-Campaign wonders whether the CMO is headed toward oblivion like the global chief creative officer.

-And one anonymous creative director tells Digiday that the biggest change in agencies is the rise of people like our friend Bill Grizack: “It’s become about decks…nothing ever gets made.”

-In More Schadenfreude News, YouTube stars are angry that their videos aren’t making as much money as they used to.