Friday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-All we know is this is an ad for Yamato Transport starring a bunch of black cats (video above). Stay weird, Japan.

-Coty appointed Publicis Media as its lead global media agency. Zenith will lead the assignment.

McCann WorldGroup Lima turned the front and back covers of Grupo el Comercio-owned newspaper Peru 21 into protest signs with slogans such as “Violence is not love,” “To be silent is to be an accomplice,” and “Nobody has the right to touch you” in an effort combatting violence against women (video above). 

Brexit? Whatever. It’s Scotland’s time to shine.

Copyranter Mark Duffy somehow managed to find the time and stamina to dig deep enough to find casual sexism in the advertising industry.

-The Drum examines “The thorny problem of succession for Publicis and WPP.”

PrideAM founding president Scott Knox asks, “Are LGBT+ people being airbrushed from advertising?

-“Are Millennials Special?” is an actual research piece headline. Burn. It. All. Down.