Friday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-Creative agency greenlight made some new broadcast ads for Gold’s Gym. They feature a bunch of people working out, natch. Swole goals!

-Snapchat is trying to patent a new thing that recognizes objects in your “snaps” and serves you related ads. So get ready for lots of condom promotions?

-Is Coca-Cola really weighing in on race relations with this “We Stand as One” ad? Looks like a generic feel-good corporate slogan to us.


-The same people who made the new Verizon logo also made the new MasterCard logo.

-The Guardian used the phrase “Pokéconomy” today. As in “the economy based on Pokémon.”

-Econsultancy asks, “Is ad fraud the 21st century drug trade?” We know that’s a rhetorical question because organized crime, but STFU.

-That said, Google’s new report found a shitload of fraud relating to video viewability.

-Milwaukee-based experiential marketing agency GMR opened an office in Seoul ahead of the 2018 Olympics in South Korea. Maybe Cheil needs to make some new acquisitions.