Friday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

Proximity Madrid launched “Eyes Don’t Lie” for Midas (video above). 

-Campaign asks, “Should I speak openly about my poisonous office?” We don’t really know the answer because we can’t see over the paywall. But we’re guessing the answer would be yes.

-The Martin Agency president and COO Beth Rilee-Kelley thinks more “manbassadors” need to speak up about gender in the ad industry.


-Volkswagen will pay California $86 million more in penalties over its emissions scamming.

A bunch of YouTubers are coming together to accuse BuzzFeed of ripping them off.

Turns out that “the same marketing techniques used to convince children to eat junk food are highly effective in promoting fruits and vegetables.” Don’t tell anyone.

Will streaming sports save Twitter? Probably not.

The Drum asks which ad industry buzzword you would put in its “shame jar.” All of them?