Friday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Wunderman Buenos Aires launched “Motivation” for Yumit (video above).

Gap blames its marketing for low sales. That must be it…

-Do you hate the new Instagram logo? Here are some alternatives


Oh look, Pepsi has an in-house agency that Brad Jakeman can criticize.

Mark Duffy lists his least favorite ads of 2016 so far. (Please hire him.)

-Shocker of the decade: “Millennial consultants” are totally full of shit.

Robert Cormack isn’t having any of Edward Boches’hybrid creatives.”

-This morning we received a pitch with the subject line “The truth behind Scott Disick’s Instagram cash cow.” Can we just destroy all “influencers” now?

-A bunch of former Reddit employees are starting a “safer, tamer Reddit.” Is that like a safer, tamer AgencySpy?