Friday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Yelp teamed up with production company Hungry Man for its first-ever ad campaign, featuring Ben Sinclair of High Maintenance (video above).

-The New York Times invites ad buyers to its Page One editorial meetings.

-Snapchat is debuting ten second video ads, charging advertisers two cents per view.


Sarah Hofstetter, global CEO at 360i, says “Journalists can find a home at agencies.”

-Chief executives at UK agencies weigh in on “what Tory win means for creative sectors & digital economy.”

-Google claims only 54 percent of online ads are viewable.

-The National Guard has paid $5.3 million to 11 different NFL teams over the past three years to honor veterans on Jumbotron screens.

-Adweek asks, “Is Tom Brady’s Brand Too Big to Fail After Deflategate?