Friday Fun with Carlsberg, and Thoughts on Branding

By Matt Van Hoven 

When I’m not scouring the earth (well, the city anyway) for ad scoops, I like to kick back and spend some time watching Illegal Advertising because well, they have some good, good lovin’.

I heard a rumor that Coca-Cola got really ticked when they found out about the Mentos/Coke online vids, which got so big that even the BlueMan Group, The Today Show and more than 4 million people got interested in the phenomenon. More after the jump.


Wisely so, Carlsberg (via Cossette Communication Group, methinks) took the truth out of the Coke/Mentos idea and applied it to this spot.

See, the reason Coke folks were mad is because people weren’t drinking the soda (obvi) since the fluid was being sent skyward. But does it matter how consumers utilize a product, or are they free to do as they please since they bought it. Well, clearly the latter is truest.

For example, anyone who has worked in a restaurant knows that Windex is used as an all-purpose cleaner &$151 although it was only recently that a disinfecting agent was added. Or if you’ve ever run out of toilet paper, and all you had available was a box of facial tissue (not necessarily Kleenex brand, people) &#151 even more, maybe you’ve used Red bull in an alcoholic beverage.

Others include iPod as a sex toy, mirrors, razor blades and apples as drug paraphernalia (had no idea there was an “r” in that word), tennis balls as dog toys…

Share your misused products below.

Update: The work is by Alex Goulart & Joao Medeiros, two international dudes what recently moved to NYC. Learn more about them and their work, here.