Franklin Tipton to Return Home

By Kiran Aditham 

Just a year after leaving Goodby for Melbourne to take on the role of ECD at Publicis Mojo, Campaign Brief reports that Franklin Tipton is heading  back to the U.S. in February citing “family reasons.”

Tipton tells the trade, “It’s been a superb adventure and I’ve met so many amazing people around Oz. Mojo is a fantastic company to work for and we accomplished a lot this year – completing some great integrated ideas and producing work that the team can be very proud of.” One commenter pointed out last week that Publicis Mojo “didn’t like him” though you wouldn’t know it from the comments made in the Campaign Brief item by Mojo co-chairman and regional CCO, Craig Davis, who says that “it’s been wonderful to have Tipton on board, and we wish him only the best for the future.”

Still, it seems a bit odd considering that Mojo recently watched Rebecca Carrasco, ECD in Auckland, depart for family reasons as well. Whatever the case, Tipton wouldn’t say much except that he’ll be flying back next year with his wife and kids because he “needs to be in the U.S.” Maybe a possible return to Goodby is in the cards as well? We’ll be checking in as the time draws near.

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