Four Score and Seven Houses Ago

By Matt Van Hoven 

Today, Obama ran an ad in which the fact that McCain doesn’t know how many houses he owns indicates he is out of touch with reality…after all, I only have one “house” (read: apt), and I never forget that.

Notice the quotes in this ad from…yesterday. And the piece is already up on YouTube courtesy Barack Obama’s crew. Apparently, BBC America is running a special on the ability of ads like this to be produced in a short time period, yet have such a compound effect on media.

This ad was the subject of a pretty much all the cable and network news shows today &#151 and during a speech, Obama made mention of the “how many houses do you have?” situation.

Nonetheless &#151 we wonder how Obama thinks this will help him in the future. Is it better to pretend like things are OK so people don’t freak out or should we be facing the matter and admitting something’s wrong? Obama seems to point toward the latter &#151 whereas McCain wants to keep the American public calm. We’re not sure which response is better (though we have our notions), but Obama has a point in saying a person should know how many houses they own.

Furthermore, McCain said today that a person who is rich makes $5 million dollars. Ouch. All in all, it was a good day for Sen. Obama. We’re taking the “don’t talk about sex, religion and politics” stance on this one. Check out the spot, it’s worth watching.

BBC America will be running a special on the issue tonight, specifically pertaining to the power of the internet. Check it out.