Former TBWA MD Leaves Quiksilver

By Patrick Coffee 

nickdrakeWe learned this afternoon that Nick Drake — former global managing director at TBWA\Chiat\Day who just happens to share the name of our favorite semi-obscure late 60’s British folk singer — is no longer with Quiksilver, the company that made those surfboards all our friends used to ride the pathetic Myrtle Beach waves in the early 90’s.

The company’s CEO Andy Mooney noted that Drake’s departure marks a downsizing for the company and that nine other marketing positions were also eliminated.

For context, Drake left TBWA for Quiksilver just over a year ago after working at the agency for nearly four years in various directorial roles. Prior to entering the agency world, he helped run global marketing at Adidas from 2003 to 2009.


More from the interview: Gary Wall, current SVP of global brand marketing who’s been with the company since we were still listening to Pearl Jam, will move to France and help lead creative, content and PR for the organization (which also includes the Roxy and DC brands).

Mooney also told news site that “The other people who are departing are not necessarily names the industry would recognize.”

That hurt so much that we might have to go listen to some Nick Drake.