For Sale by Art Director: 20 Notebooks of Former Copywriter’s Ideas

By Matt Van Hoven 

Ha. So there once was this copywriter named Aaron Robnett, who worked with Daniel Shapiro. Robnett and Shapiro toiled over client needs like creative teams do. Until Robnett left his New York agency for Boston and some sort of comedy start-up. Typical. Also typical, he didn’t thoroughly clean out his desk and now a comically-peeved Shapiro is selling 20 left-behind notebooks containing Robnett’s ideas. Ha ha.

“I’m not too thrilled about [Robnett] leaving even though I’m happy for him,” said Shapiro in an email. “[S]o I think a little revenge is in order.”

Agreed. Bidding (on eBay!) started at a modest $.99 (ha ha &#151 nothing like devaluing a good friend’s efforts online), and the winning buyer gets all this: “advertising ideas for every sector including automotive, fast food and home electronics.” Shapiro should expect bids from Chrysler, someone called ‘The Shack’ and Burger King.

Click here to place a bid.

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