Following Brian Morrissey

By SuperSpy 

We are not fans of Twitter. Love the concept, can’t get down with that “following” thing, but if we had to get down with it, we’d probably follow AdWeak digital editor Brian Morrissey. You can follow him at bmorrissey on the Twitter network. Mediapost posted loves him, maybe you will, too? Check out some of his best twits, according to us:

“Editors have problems accepting stories as they are rather than as they wish they’d be: simplistic and conflict driven.”

“I’ve gotten some annoyed emails from agency people. always happens. they’re sick of agencies-don’t-get-it research stuff. i am too, really.”
“Drunk agency ceo said something v unprofessional, pretty offensive to me last night. Still irks me.”

“That just nails it. i truly believe internet anonymity, as a whole, is a v pernicious thing. put your name on what you write.”

“Still amazes me that when I ask flacks, what’s noteworthy about this, they often don’t have an answer.”

“Like live-blogging, live-twittering is probably something that should be done sparingly. most things in life just don’t warrant it.”