Flash Mob Shocks World by Making Sense

By Matt Van Hoven 

In the world of Flash Mobs, we’d hoped GM’s attempt would be the nail in this over-stuffed coffin. Alas, we were wrong, and NYC social marketing agency Mr. Youth can be blamed for yet another dance-dance-solution. Over the weekend they executed a mob in San Francisco’s Union Square and (spoiler alert) it was the first we’ve ever seen that made sense.

Sure, early FMs were social experiments with the intention of doing something cool and out of the ordinary. Now, walking through Manhattan, you expect to see them like so many Starbucks on every corner. They’re ruining America, America. But in the onslaught of FMs that followed Bill Wasik’s first hipster-jibing attempts in the early 2000s, few have made any kind of sense (in that they had nothing to do with the brands paying for them). Not today folks. Watch a bunch of H&M-begarbed kids dance around like it’s going out of style as fast as their duds.

It’s a break-dance-off!

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