Finally, A Summer App for the Socially Inept

By Bob Marshall 

Do you find yourself unable to make engaging small talk during the summer months? Really, you do? Well, in that case, Philly-based PR/ad agency Tierney’s free mobile app could be perfect for you.

Summer Conversation Starters” features five location options where one might have a difficult time doing anything but complaining about the oppressive summer heat. Say, for example, you’re at a baseball game. As the press release suggests, ladies can use their new app to bat their eyes and the nearest hunky baseball stud and ask, “Is there a fourth base?” Say you’re at a water park surrounded by sunbathers who looks as though they need to be annoyed. Fire up the app and say, “Up to 80% of your lifetime sun exposure can take place before you reach 18.” Just like that, interesting conversation is generated…unless you get ignored.

The self-promotional campaign also features outdoor ads adorned with QR codes and copy that reads “Spread the word like SPF 50.” If you just want to download the app directly and put it to the test, you can do so here. Credits after the jump.

ECD: Patrick Hardy
CD: Andrew Cahill
AD: Teri Gerbec
Sr. CW: Rebecca Robbins
CWs: Nicole Goss, Tom Frost
Web Developer: Chris Bodanza
Interactive Designer: Guyda Bru
Interactive Strategist: Lisa Walls
Digital Project Mgr.: Melisa Gonzalez