Feed Your Art to Laser Cat, So He Can Project it on the F***ing Moon

By Erik Oster 

And now for the simultaneously most goofy and most hipster-y thing you will see today…

Hungry Castle and Umbrella teamed up to create Laser Cat, an art-eating cat that projects said art with its laser eyes, constructed by ADC Hall of Famer and SVA teacher Kevin O’Callaghan.


In the Laser Cat video, directed by Luka Kostil, the guys at Hungry Castle claim there are three things everyone loves: “lasers, cats, and art and craft.” Laser Cat combines all three (or four, depending on your count) for the 93rd annual ADC Awards in Miami. They want you to submit your art (drawings, sculpture, painting, photography, cat photography, etc.) to Laser Cat. Depending on the number of works submitted, Laser Cat will project the works onto different objects. With 100 artworks submitted (fed) to Laser Cat, he will project the pieces onto a wall; with 1,000 submissions, a building; and with one million submissions, Laser Cat will project the art work on the f***ing moon. If that sounds cool to you, start submitting at lasercatmiami.com. So far 360 works have been submitted, with Ogilvy, BBDO, and Fallon listed as the first three agencies to submit. The first to feed Laser Cat their art was well-known designer Stefan Sagmeister, who you may remember from the Art Grandeur Nature/Absolut controversy.

Laser Cat will be eating submissions until November 30th, so get your work in now. The ADC Annual Awards of Art + Craft in Advertising and Design will take place at the Bass Museum in Miami Beach on April 8, 2014. Laser Cat will be there; what he projects his art on remains to be seen. Why not try to make it the moon?