FCKH8’s Little Girls Are Back, Still Swearing

By Erik Oster 

FCKH8 attracted a lot of attention with its recent controversial video featuring young girls in dresses dropping “F-Bombs for Feminism,” addressing issues of gender inequality and violence against women for the for-profit activist t-shirt brand.

If you saw that video, you already know what to expect, as the new video, after a brief introduction from a young boy portraying a violent man stereotype, begins almost identically to its predecessor. The joke is less funny the second time around, but the video eventually differentiates itself when the girls take more of a focus on domestic violence. In the previous video, four girls counted off as a demonstration of the statistic that one in four women will be physically abused in their lifetime. They repeat the tactic here, only this time when the fourth girl counts off she’s wearing makeup to make it look like she’s a battered woman, which the rest of the girls also don for the remainder of the video.

Those who had a problem with the girls talking about violence and rape in the original video will be doubly offended here, but FCKH8 anticipates the backlash when two girls question viewers disturbed by the video, “Isn’t one out of four women beaten the real disgrace?” Those who accuse the company, which normally donates five dollars of every fifteen dollar t-shirt sold to charity, of child exploitation will have less fuel here, as according to the video, “100 percent of the profits from these ‘not a wifebeater’ tanks will go to domestic violence charities.” Viewers who found the shock humor in the original video refreshing or effective, however, may find that the same formula seems stale the second time around, despite the attempts to up the shock factor.