FCB New York, LG Surprise ‘Serious Watcher’ with Delivery from Orange Is The New Black Actress

By Erik Oster 

FCB New York launched a digital campaign promoting LG’s new OLED TV by surprising “Serious Watchers” with TVs delivered by cast members of the shows they’re obsessed with.

Directed by Jeff Tremaine, the opening spot in the campaign features an Orange Is The New Black obsessive named Chris. He buys the LG OLED TV, expecting an ordinary delivery two days later. Instead, actress Yael Stone shows up, completely in character as inmate Lorna Morello , and things get a little awkward before the spot concludes with the tagline, “The TV for the Serious Watcher.”

Over the coming, months LG will release a whole series of social activations “challenging the #SeriousWatcher community to prove just how serious they are in unexpected and sometimes extreme ways,” according to a press release. It’s also easy to imagine the approach applied to the release of new seasons of other popular shows.

“Since the dawn of television, product marketers have focused mainly on specs, often overlooking the reason people buy TVs in the first place: the content they love to watch,” LG Electronics USA head of home entertainment marketing Michelle Fernandez said in a statement. “And while we’re leading today’s TV technological revolution with LG OLED TVs, we dreamed of a more emotional connection between our products and the passions of consumers.”

“Serious Watchers aren’t an exclusive bunch,” added FCB New York executive creative director Stu Mair. “We all have a show we’re obsessed with, like Orange is the New BlackLG wanted to connect the love we all have for these shows to the way we watch them, and remind people they owe it to themselves and the show creators to view these shows the best way possible – turning the TV itself into a badge of honor.”

Agency: FCB New York
● Ari Halper, Chief Creative Officer
● Stu Mair, Executive Creative Director
● Laszlo Szloboda, Associate Creative Director, Copy
● Akos Papp, Associate Creative Director, Art
● Laura Dunn, Business Lead
● Lucie Kittel, Account Supervisor
● Kyle Burt, Operations Manager
● Deb Freeman, Chief Strategy Officer
● Raig Adolfo, SVP Planning Director
● Chris Gilbert, Senior Social Strategist
● Leelee Groome, Head of Production
● Sydney Richardson, Associate Digital Producer

Client: LG Electronics
● David VanderWaal, Vice President, Marketing, LGE-US Home Entertainment/Home Appliances
● Michelle Fernandez, Senior Director, HE Consumer Marketing
● Chris De Maria, Senior Manager, Public Relations
● Tricia Green, Senior Brand Manager
● Alfred Lee, Senior Digital Manager
● Courtney Callahan, Digital Content Manager
● Mark Lee, Head of US Content Business Development
● Matt Durgin, Director NA Smart TV Content Partnerships
● Rachel Olson, Senior Shopper Marketing Manager
● Martin Valdez, Product Training Manager
● Woochang Lee, Smart TV Ops. Manager, LGEUS Content Innovation

Partner Client (Netflix)
● Magno Herran, Senior Partner Marketing
● Torie Gleicher, Sr. Manager, Originals Marketing, OITNB

Production: Helo
● Jeff Tremaine, Director
● Brendan Kiernan, Executive Producer
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Editorial Company: Cosmo Street
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Audio company: Sonic Union
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